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I am Mary Duindam and I am from the Netherlands. Let me introduce myself a bit more. I have been making dolls for over 6 years now. I gave lessons for 3 years to about 20 people per week. I quit teaching because I got too busy in making and selling dolls. I sell about 40 dolls a year. I also attended every doll show in Holland. Now I only go to the big shows in Holland.
I also have a 2-year contract with a company which makes dolls in vinyl. They have chosen 2 of my dolls to produce. The knitted clothing is specially hand-made by a designer who works for me as a freelancer. Still, dolls are everything to me. Each time it is a challenge to make a new and unique doll. However, it is my passion to create these loving babies. It brings me great joy. I am very excited and happy when each and every one of my babies are adopted into a loving home.

With greetings,

Mary from Mary with Children.